Web App

This App was created as part of the Zero-to-Mastery Udemy Course. This is my first full stack web app creation.

Lessons Learned

Smartbrain is a fully functional image recogniton website. It utilizes the ClarifAI API to determine where the faces are in the picture and if they are any celebrities. This was created during the Zero-to-Mastery Udemy course but I expanded it to have the functionality to determine if there is a Celebrity in the photo. I also added a profile page (with deletion) and a session search history. The website is also fully functional on mobile. Everything is secure with users being stored in a PostreSQL database and passwords are hashed with BCrypt. The site is fully hosted on Heroku.

Tech Stack

Client: React(CRA), TailwindCSS

Server: NodeJS, ExpressJS, BCrypt, PostgreSQL