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Web App

Custom Web App for a Golf League. This site allows it's users to enter their score and set their availability for the following week. The Admin's are able to generate a schedule and post news for its members.

This Site was created for a Golf group from Toronto, Ontario.

This site can be customized to fit the needs of any Golf League that would like their own!

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Admin Account Login

email: Admin@admin.com password: Admin1234

User Account Login

email: email1@email.com password: Test1234


User and Admin Dashboard


  • See the upcoming Round information and mark if User is attending
  • See Prior Round results and see the winner
  • Recent News that has been posted
  • Special Function that is upcoming


  • Enter your Score and hole results for your recent rounds
  • See all user prior entered Scores


  • Users can adjust their contact Settings
  • Users can change their password
  • Users can change their restrictions/conditions for rounds (carpool, tee time restriction)
  • Set their upcoming attendance for Special Functions

Admin - Admin Only

  • See a list of all users and their information
  • See the availability for the next round and generate a schedule for the next Round
  • See all users scores and filters and adjust as necessary
  • See all courses and edit/add new ones as needed
  • See the winners from all previous rounds
  • See attendance for Special Functions


  • See all news that has been posted by the Admin

Special Functions

  • See information on the upcoming special Functions


  • See the year's schedule and information

Lessons Learned

This is the largest project I have worked on. It combines many different aspects from database and authentication to user input and file generation.

Throughout this project I have learned to work with Strapi and their method of authentication and use of email and media integration. I have also expanded my knowledge with NextJS and TailwindCSS.

Tech Stack

Client: NextJS, TailwindCSS, Vercel, Typescript, MobX

Backend: Heroku, Strapi